Brent Bond

Santo Press was founded in May of 2009 by artist and Master Printer Brent Bond, and made possible by the acquisition of a press and his strong desire to speak through the visual language of relief printmaking. With a focus on small scale, high quality, limited edition relief prints, monoprints and monotypes we publish original works by regionally and nationally recognized artists. Our goal is the creation of works of art in the print medium by artists from all disciplines. We aspire to open new arenas of visual dialogue previously unavailable to the artist without the collaborative printmaking environment. To date we have released 122 editions by 25 artists.

The studio revolves around a fully restored 1961 Vandercook Universal I printing press. Affectionately named Victoria, she was acquired on trade from the artist James Turrell, where he had stored her in a barn for the last 10 years. Rounding out the studio and used primarily for monoprinting and occasional intaglio work is a Laguna etching press with full sheet capacity. We also maintain a darkroom for alternative photo processes and a small exhibition space, la pequeña galería, for showcasing new editions.