Small Worlds Small Paintings


Small Worlds Small Paintings” by Philip C. Curtis
limited edition includes “Small Drawings” portfolio

“Small Worlds, Small Paintings”
by Philip C. Curtis
Cattle Track Press 2009

A collection of sixty-eight (68) little-known works. Beginning in 1957, Philip C. Curtis utilized the same technique and dream-like vision in these small jewels as his large-scale work. Curtis often used found objects like tin boxes, canes, daguerreotype cases and cameos in addition to the gessoed panels to reveal the same fanciful, mysterious and magical world.

combined with

“Small Drawings”
by Philip C.Curtis
Cattle Track Press 2009

Letterpress printing by Brent Bond
Handset type by Crystal Phelps
Limited edition portfolio of 250
6 7/8” x 5”
Four relief prints, each stamped with an estate seal, these gestural sketches often were the beginning of his paintings

Presented by The Philip C. Curtis Charitable Trust for the Encouragement of Art and Cattle Track Press


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